Sketchbook 1

I’ve always drawn from a very early age when my mother showed me how to hold a pencil.

But it was not until I entered Art School I have been able to organise my thoughts  and

use different media to produce work.

Before starting Year 1 we were given a project a list of things from which to produce art.  One of the items was rabbits and that started a rabbit fever which, like rabbits themselves, bred and bred until I was tagged “Rabbit Girl” because of the artwork I was rolling out.

My first bit of work about rabbits was a paper project which I did a disembowelled Rabbit.

The second was  having my drawings put onto a silk screen and printed;









I got a little more abstract as the projects went along.








I started looking at the Artist David Shrigley –  his style of Illustration was similar in type.

david shrigley tribute

This inspired me helping me create a series of cooking posters about people who can’t cook;


killed cookies orange


This was my favourite design that I put on to a silk screen print.





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