people with a case of curiosities

John Merrick the series of Illustrations dipict John Merricks life;

Now for a baby to be born so badly deformed without any explaination was not well excepted the largely known theory of back then is that the mother was crushed by a elephant when she was prenant and she was cured by the elephant give birth to a elephant baby the Illustration dipicts this theory.

As you can Imagine his family was very protective over him especially his mum who adored him but when he was 10 he lost his mother but she sheilded him from mean peopleignorant who didnt understand he was bullied by the neighbour hood children.

This Illustration dipicts his childhood and his moother trying to protect him.

But unfortunatley his mother passed away when he was 10 and his stepfather decieded he didnt want to deal with him and have have arround his new family so he threw poor John out on the streets must have difficult time for him lost his mother all he knew and his step father throwing him out, unfortunatley john fell into the hands of a cruel side show ring master who though he could make a bob by claiming him a monster.




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