Valentines card for my boyfriend and his wonky bottom.


I’ve always kept a Journal but it wasn’t till I started Art school that I understood the Importance and relevance of keeping a artistic Journal.

This month I have completed two very different personal commissions. The first was to create a very detailed illustrated bird drawing with wool typography.


The second was a pretty Illustration about ladies that lunch, who  like to have tea with a tiered cake stand with triangle sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam. I personalised the Illustration by making the cakes on the table some of the subject’s  favourite Patisserie Valerie Mille-Feuille Black Forest gateaux, double chocolate gateau, and illustrated the tea cups, saucers cake plates andt teapots in turqoise from one her favourite tea sets.

dangerous spaghetti

Development wise, I’ve been reading some new art books to develop my acrylic painting skills. One is a Compendium of Acrylic Painting Techniques, which will enable me to work on my painting technique.

I am adding to my portfolio by illustrating some collages painted James and the Giant Peach book pages and a book jacket.


I am in the process of coming up with some Ideas for a entry into the cheltenam Illustration awards 2016 I think this years brief would fit perfectly into my Portfolio of work .


Cake Dreams
Description: Have you ever eaten too many sweets and had disturbing dreams? Gabriella has, and at this very moment she is passed out, slumped over her mum’s table after indulging in too many cherry buns and too much double chocolate fudge cake! Feeling full and queasy she drifts asleep falling into a dream vortex only to find a chocolate, brazen bully taunting and teasing her, with a scary tale of other little girls that ate too much cake and dissolved into crumbly sponge.



My friends Hen party is coming up on the 29th of July 2016 so decieded as a momento  to Illustrate her a special drawing for her hen night of one of her favourite Disney princess with a naughty twist and get it printed on a canvas Bag for her.


For my managers Leaving present at Phase Eight I created a special Illustration featuring our favourite clothing pieces, and characters since we had worked together.



Since I joined my University masters course I really haven’t had any time to do any work for any competitions or private commissions. But here are a couple of things I have been working on during my degree.


This is a board that describes my project last semester which was a children’s picture book that had a audio accompaniment telling the story of a father and daughter walking through a autumnal park counting the falling leaves.


Daddy and Sarah Jigsaw Red, Orange Yellow Poster A1


Listen Play Learn Poster A1

Sarah and daddy type

This was collage typography that went with the Illustrations for the book

Daddy and Sarah page 1


Page 4 (2)





Daddy Sarah page 2





page 4.jpg


Page 6.jpg

Phrase daddy and sarah



I’ve Just finished my Creative Economies Module, It is available at YouTube.

It was called Recipe of collaboration and looked at the in depth the threads of Collaboration between Writer- Editor-Illustrator- Publisher.

The best thing I could liken the process to was baking a cake because it is methodical and follows stages, and mixing all elements together to create the correct consistency so the cake will take its form.

Collaboration CE



I am working on my Final Major project submission at the moment it is creating a Interactive Illustration about learning to read, and Phonal Learning I got Inspiration from Usbourne Phonics work books best find I have found in London in a charity shop.

I liked Hedgehogs as the characters because I found it quite poetic that If a child especially one that finds the educational academic structure a real struggle is asked a question and does not know or is too embarrassed to volunteer a answer In case it is Incorrect and deal with facing teasing and laughter from other children and in some cases the whole class, a Hedgehog if scared or threatened are biologically designed to roll into a ball and dissapear as I am sure myself and other children have wanted to do.






The Idea is that every single Hedgehog is doing something beginning with H, so Mr and Mrs Hog are at the top of the picture Enjoying their honeymoon, their are 3 Hoglettes In deck chairs hanging out, Their is another hunting a worm, One dong a handstand, Horse riding.



Spell out the words on the Hedgehogs back’s to free them from the field with the Hungry Harris Hawk.





At the moment I am working on my final Major Project for my Illustration MA, which is a children’s picture book that tells my own personal childhood experiences of being a child suffering with Dyslexia, I really wanted to Illustrate and write my own story not only for cathartic purposes but In hope that my own personal Journey experiences and learning techniques might help one child lift the ever presence rain cloud on bad days and shine some sunshine through those clouds, My Dyslexia specialist tutors have helped me so much to help me educationally and physiologically building my confidence and self esteem and forcing me to rely and trust  my creative Instincts and artistic talents I hope to have my little picture book published to give back to the educational Dyslexic community that has given me so much.

Its all about feeling like the odd one out, I come from a extremely brainy family learning and is hard for them to understand you and yourself not to feel like the odd one out at times. Reading spelling and punctuation is still a challenge but mathematics is my Everest  I made strides with it I have reached base camp but I will never probably reach the top but I have made peace with that, As a Artistic Dyslexic your creative instincts are everything and learning to trust them is such a important lesson,  You must persevere In a Dyslexics case Practice really does make perfect because of the short circuit in being able to retain Information in the short term memory, repetition is key to getting it wedged in the long term memory.

My father is Meteorologist so I am trying to make metaphors in writing my text related to weather and storm clouds as well as in my Pictorial Illustrations.









page 4

Page 6








Animals letters.jpg





maths 1.jpg


maths 2.jpg


maths 3.jpg



hedgehog blue-2.jpg


weather equation.jpg



school black board page 1


hole of letters page


music finish








school yard part 27.jpg




RAINBOW 2 2.jpg


RAINBOW 1 edited.jpg




30 Day Inktober challenge draw Ink Illustrations for each day of the 30 days of October.

Day 8.











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Day 7





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Day 6





Day 5

Day 4


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Day 3






Day 2


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Day 1

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