Grisly and gross fairy tales

Done in the summer of 2008;

Arguably, no artist grows up: If he sheds the perceptions of childhood, he ceases being an artist.
Ned Rorem

Here is a look at some of the most beloved Nursery rhymes but did you know the dark History behind most of these rhymes;

Through every window there is an undercurrent of gloom.


The original Historical Origins are about a Napoleonic cannon that fell apart and couldn’t be put back together again BORING I KNOW SO hope you enjoy this contemporary visual of humpty spilling his brains out on the floor.

Ring’a Round the roses Is a Nursery rhyme we all rember singing in the school yard, But did you know that its origins are mostly associated with The Plague The Black Death Ring’a round the roses has two theories to it That the phrase a pocket full of posies is actually referring to the red rash of soars that encrusted a suffers body covering the most sensitive bits of the body Not to mention the Buboes black swelling boils that infected arm pits behind the legs and the groin. Awwwch!

The last phrase a Tissue a Tissue we all fall down refers to the end of the suffering where the person gets a fever passes into UNCONCIOUSNESS AND DIES.

If you were unlucky enough to be infected with the Bubonic Plague you had 50% chance of surviving.

Mary ‘ Mary quite contrary seems harmless enough like you I lived In bliss full Ignorance of what this Nursery rhyme actually meant and had a border surrounding my bedroom GOING ROUND AND ROUND AND ROUND I HAVE BEEN CONDITIONED TO THIS BLOODY RHYME!

But now I Know the truth and can be disturbed for two reasons, Did you Know that the Mary the rhyme is referring to Mary Tudor non other than the Unhappy Queen who was Incredibly Pious Protestant Queen and took this to far, as to declaring all Catholics to be heretics to be breaking the law to not follow the one true faith, They were sentenced to

Burning at the stake, some executioners were merciful and tied gun powder to victims feet so death was swift.

The ‘silver bells’ were thumbscrews which crushed the thumb between two hard surfaces by the tightening of a screw. The ‘cockleshells’ were believed to be instruments of torture, which were attached to the genitals!

Pretty little maids all in a row refers to Maidens the first guillotine If you met this fate of being beheaded you were counted as lucky.


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