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“Inky” is my Illustrated character –  my mini me from my own story book

I was coined Inky by a friend  because of my love of using acrylic inks to create my illustrations, and the likelihood of my being covered in it from finger to toe.

My name is Inky I am an artist and designer .I went to art school in the limestone  “Hollywood Hills” of West Yorkshire. I can still visualize the decrepit signage on the train journey as I glided through Batley which will never compare to the glitzy icon perched on the Los Angeles hillside. Even though it is only an hour away from York by rail, it felt like a world away. I used to follow a gob (spit or saliva to the reader) limestone brick road to my art school each morning. Yuch! Not exactly the yellow brick road! “But the gob brick road did not bring me good witch Glenda of the North – she wouldn’t go west, no it brought me to two headed trolls with deep guttural accents who said awt or nawt.” This best describes the surreal nature of Dewsbury. As for ruby slippers, I had some red gingham ballet pumps, but I lost one in London after indulging too much out of a teacup and saucer.

I am from the story book town of York, abundant with legends, myths and history which I have used as a resource for a great deal of my work.

As one can tell from the Oz references and comparisons, I am a keen enthusiast of children’s literature. I use it for a great resource of my work as can be seen in the portfolio section of this blog in which I have displayed  my peach posters from my “I love Roald Exhibition” I had exhibited in the Free Range student show case exhibition in London in 2011 as part of my final Major project B for the completion of my degree for Fine Art for Design.

For all the fun I had at art school, I did struggle with written work. I have dyslexia and I have struggled with aspects of it for most of my childhood, although I did find that occasionally it works to my advantage in that some times I can see things from a different, more interesting perspective when it comes to creativeness.

In my  world  I follow a Gob brick road to a Digestive biscuit crumb beaches, Fluffy peaches, Distitute Prosituets Moustache sausage burners,  Medieval Bunnies,  Percy the Potato  Head , Sneezable  Anatomy Illustrations, Elephant man, Plague Piggies,  Harry Hausen inspired King Kong-sized Rats,  a sugar lump Clifford’s Tower and  Broccoli trees. Life is a lot more interesting when one falls down the Rabbit Hole of Imagination – as the Cheshire Cat quotes “Imagination is the only weapon against reality”, so I suppose I built myself a fort from an early age and entrenched myself there.

Meanwhile, back In the real world:-

I am a shop girl. I love the team environment of working in a shop and creative aspects of dressing and merchandising , colour matching and playing with patterns. I think I got this interest from my time in college where I trained to be a fashion designer but I learnt fairly quickly that the designs I came up with became secondary to the design of the illustrated model. I became a master at adding the tweeks and quirks and dashes of paint brush bring a character to life,  so I decided to go to Art school to pursue a dream of becoming a children’s illustrator.

Over the last couple of years


I took a break from education to reflect and to grow as a artist and a professional but now it’s time to return.

At heart I am a girl with inky, stained fingers drawings on till roll tucked into my bra and biros twisted in my hair but I now feel its high time I picked up my paint brush again and pursued my dream of becoming a professional Illustrator, by undertaking a masters in illustration.

I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into my rabbit hole, and you enjoyed my illustrations and they made you smile –  thank you for visting my blog.